tall pet gate for cats


Tall pet gates for cats are unique in that they account for their jumping ability. Most cats usually do not jump over objects with a single leap, but prefer to land on a flat surface and then jump down. They want to see where they are going to land before jumping. This is where a tall pet gate for cats comes in handy. Since these gates do not provide the flat surface that cats need, they tend not do want to jump over them. They also account for a cat’s flexibility so the vertical bars are close enough or covered with mesh to avoid cats going in between them. In this post, we highlight five quality tall pet gates for cats that can fit any home decor.

Tall Pet Gate for Cats

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1. Wood Wire Mesh Pet Gate:

tall pet gate for cats

This tall pet gate features a mesh surface and is 44 inches tall. A wire mesh ensures that cats can’t squeeze in between the bars as in other types of gates. This particular gate fits openings between 29 and 50 inches wide. This pressure mounted pet gate come fully assembled as well. Click here to purchase.

2. Deluxe Free Standing Tall Pet Gate:


tall pet gate for catstall pet gate for catstall pet gate for cats

This top of the line free standing pet gate is 36.2 inches tall and fits openings between 61.8 and 90. inches. Made from rubberwood, it features rubber footings to prevent slipping. The walk-through door opens both ways and closes automatically. This is a great find for those wide spaces. Click here to buy.

3. Lightweight Extra Tall Pet Gate:

This lightweight pet gate for cats and dogs is unique in that it is 48 inches tall. Made of industrial strength PVC, this gate is adjustable and expandable. It fits openings up to 42 inches wide. The bars are 3/4 inch apart, prevents cats from going in between them. Click here to purchase.

4. Tall Coated Wire Pet Gate:

This pressure mounted tall pet gate for cats comes fully assembled at stands 44.65 inches tall. It expands from 29 to 50.5 inches wide in 1/2 increments. Made of solid wood, this pet gate is sturdy and durable. Click here to buy.

5. Extra Tall Metal Expandable Pet Gate:

tall pet gate for cats

This metal pet gate, although not as tall as the other gates on our list, it s a great option if you’re looking for gate to manage several pets or prefer metal over wood. The small cat opening is also a unique feature, especially if the you want the option to allow pets to come through without having to take the gate down. This tall pet gate for cats is 32 inches tall and fits openings between 26 and 42 inches wide. Click here to purchase.


Tall pet gates for cats have unique features that account for a cat’s tendency to jump and climb. In this article, we featured five quality pet gates that will work in most areas of the home. Additional pet gates for cats can be found here as well.

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