permanent pet gate

A permanent pet gate is a great solution for sectioning off areas of the home and at the same time allowing pets to be free to roam and play. While most pet gates for openings under 45 inches will be pressure mounted, there are several quality pet gates that fit openings as small as 24.75 inches. In this post, we feature six permanent pet gates that will work well with most home decors and are highly rated as well.

Permanent Pet Gate

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1. Bronze Finish Deluxe Pet Gate (2 Colors Available):
permanent pet gate

This attractive permanent pet gate fits openings from 38.3 inches up to 72 inches. The walk-through door is a comfortable 25.5 inches wide and features an easy to open latch. The door opens in both directions with child-proof latches on both sides. The wall mounts can be installed in angled walls as well. The gate is 30 inches tall. Another great feature is the available extension that allows this gate to be used in openings up to 87 inches wide. Click here to purchase the pet gate, and here for the extension.

It is also available in Linen. Click here to buy.

2. Deluxe Wood Baby and Pet Gate:

permanent pet gatepermanent pet gatepermanent pet gatepermanent pet gate

This oak finished permanent pet gate fits openings from 30-48 inches and is 32 inches tall. It includes a precision-fit template that provides precise measurements for the installation of the wall mounts without having to measure. It can be used on hallways, doorways and on stairs. It includes a removable stop-swing mechanism that prevents the gate from opening into stairs. Click here to buy.

3. Hardware Mount Safety Gate:

permanent pet gate

This sturdy steel pet gate includes hinged hardware that can be installed in angled walls. Fitting openings 24.75 inches to 43.5 inches, this gate is 30.5 inches tall. It can be removed easily if needed. It is available in white, black, and black with included stairway installation kit. Click here to purchase.

4. Easy Swing and Lock Metal Supergate by North States:

permanent pet gatepermanent pet gate

permanent pet gate

This attractive permanent pet gate features a one-handed operation and fits openings between 28-48 inches wide. Installed, this pet gate is 31 inches tall. It works great with no threshold to walk over and also can be set up to open one way. Another great feature is it swings out of the way when not in use. It can also work outdoors in covered areas like a porch. Click here to buy.

5. Flexi Walk-Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door:

permanent pet gatepermanent pet gate

This versatile permanent pet gate can be configured is many different ways because of the hinges connecting the gate panels. These hinges swing both directions, so this gate would work well in unique entry ways and openings. Made to fit spaces up to 76 inches, this gate can also be expanded to 13 feet wide with optional 24 inch extensions. The small pet door is 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide. The gate is 30.5 inches tall. Click here to purchase.

6. Stairway Pet Gate:

permanent pet gatepermanent pet gatepermanent pet gate

The final permanent pet gate on our list works both at the top and bottom of stairs as well as many other areas of the home. The wall mounts angle up to 30 degrees for installation on unique wall or banister configurations. It fits openings between 27-42.5 inches and stands 29.5 inches tall. An optional extension of 10.5 inches allows the gate to fit openings between 42.5-53 inches wide, and the 21.75 inch optional extension makes the gate fit openings between 42.5 and 64.25 inches. The walk-through door features a one-handed operation, making it easy to open. Click here to purchase.


Permanent pet gates offer the security of sturdiness and safety, as well as the knowledge that the gate won’t be knocked over accidentally. In this post, we highlighted six popular and quality permanent pet gates that have proven to work well in many types of home settings. More models and styles are available here as well.

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