steps for dogs to get into car



Steps for dogs to get into cars are of great help, especially for smaller and older dogs. These steps need to be easy to use, durable and lightweight. In this post, we feature five quality dog steps for cars that are proven to work well with dog owners. We looked for different styles and price points as we put this list together.

Steps for Dogs to Get into Car

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1. Metal Folding Steps

steps for dogs to get into car

These lightweight and easy to use steps reach a height of 24 inches. The frame is metal and the steps are durable plastic, with a weight capacity of 100 lbs. Unfolded, this dog step for cars is 18.5 inches wide, 37.5 inches deep, and 31 inches tall at the handle (top step is 24 inches from the ground). The steps have ridges to prevent slipping, and measure 15.5 inches wide by 12 inches deep. The plastic footing prevents slipping on outdoor surfaces. Click here to purchase.

2. Otto Set Car Pet Step

steps for dogs to get into car

This unique step for dogs to get into cars is made specifically for vehicles with hitches. It fits 2 inch class III or IV hitch receivers and is compatible with 1 1/4 inch adapters. It does not require a hitch pin to hold it in place. The step is lightweight, portable and holds pets up to 200 lbs. It measures 18 by 16 inches, and it can easily be mounted and removed. Click here to buy and to learn more.

3. Pet Loader Ultra Light Aluminum Platform


This collapsible pet step for cars is available in three sizes: 3 Step, 4 Step, and 5 Step as pictured above. The 4 step and 5 step models are recommended for entry to the back of vehicles and with some side entry vehicles with widths of 17 inches or more. The 3 step doggie ladder is recommended for car back seats, couches, beds, and some vehicle with side door entry of 17 inches wide or more. This step reaches heights between 16 and 20 inches. The 4 step works with vehicle heights between 20-30 inches, and the 5 step doggie ladder works it vehicles that are between 29-40 inches high. These steps are lightweight and easy to open and close. Click here to purchase.

4. Solvit PupStep Pet Step, X-Large

stairs steps for dogs to get into car

Currently one of the top selling steps for dogs on, this four step doggie ladder holds weights up to 200 lbs. It is also the least expensive doggie stair on our list. Weighting only 9 lbs., this dog step works inside or outside the home. It folds easily and comes pre-assembled. It is 25 inches high, 18 inches wide and 28 inches long. Rubber feet prevent it from slipping and comes with a lifetime warranty for workmanship and materials. Click here to buy.

5. Steel Non-Skid Pet Stair

stairs for dogs to get into car

Able to be used for a variety of activities including getting into cars, this quality doggie stair for dogs is made of sturdy, chrome-plated steel. The steps are covered in grooved PVC rubber to prevent slipping. The steps are 15.5 inches deep add 18 inches wide. The first step is 9.25 inches high, the second step is 20.25 inches high, and the third step is 30.5 inches high. It folds in one easy step. Click here to buy.


Steps for dogs to get into cars enable us to take our furry friends with us without them having to strain to climb in. In this post, we highlighted five top rated doggie stairs that work great for cars. Several other models and styles can be found here as well.

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