60 inch wide pet gate

A 60 inch wide pet gate is provides safety and the ability to section off areas on wide doorways or hallways. But what is the best option for a wide pet gate? 60 inch wide pet gates will either be free standing or wall mounted. Because of their widths, pressure mounting wouldn’t hold the gate in place, so most manufacturers do not build them with this type of mount. In this post, we feature five quality pet gates that fit 60 inch openings and also are highly rated by homeowners.

60 Inch Wide Pet Gate

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1. Extra Tall Maxi Gate with Cat Opening:

60 inch wide pet gate

This tall pet gate is 38 inches high and fits openings from 37 to 60 inches wide. The walk-through door features an easy one touch handle, with an included small pet door. With optional extension panels, this gate can fit openings up to 13 feet! (156 inches). Wall mounts are easy to install and remove if needed. Click here to purchase.

2. Premium Plus Free Standing Wide Pet Gate with Door:

60 inch wide pet gate60 inch wide pet gate60 inch wide pet gate60 inch wide pet gate

This decorative free standing pet gate adjusts to openings from 34 inches up to 63 inches wide and stands 32 inches tall. It’s patented easy to open door opens in both directions. The side panels adjust in increments of 10 degrees to allow for different configurations. The manufacturer recommends this gate for pets 33 lbs and under. Click here to buy.

3. Configurable Free Standing Pet Gate:

60 inch wide pet gate60 inch wide pet gate60 inch wide pet gate60 inch wide pet gate

This versatile pet gate is not only attractive, but also functional. Made of durable walnut-finished wood, this gate is also light weight and easy to fold down when needed. It is 30 inches high and fits openings up to 72 inches. An added bonus is that it converts into a pet play pen for small animals. Click here to purchase.

4. Richell Wood Free Standing Wide Pet Gate:

60 inch wide pet gate60 inch wide pet gate

Measuring 20.1 inches tall, this free standing pet gate is low enough for pet owners to walk over, yet high enough to hold small pets. The wide base prevents tipping and rubber footing holds the gate in place. It fits openings from 39.8 to 71.3 inches, and the base is 17 inches deep. Made of finished hardwood, this pet gate would complement any home decor. Click here to buy.

5. Decorative Metal Wide Pet Gate:

60 inch wide pet gate60 inch wide pet gate60 inch wide pet gate60 inch wide pet gate

To finish off our list, we feature this great looking decorative metal gate in a bronze matte finish. It is 30 inches tall and fits openings from 38.3 to 72 inches. The walk-through door is 25.5 inches wide and features a safety double-locking system that is child-proof and also has a stay-open feature. If needed, the entire gate can swing open as shown in the fourth photo above. Click here to purchase.


Pet gate for wide openings vary in material, versatility and ease of installation. In this post, we featured five quality pet gates for 60 inch wide openings that are varied enough to be used in several areas of the home. This page lists other gates available that would work for wide doorways or hallways.

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